Google+: author attribution & embedded posts

Monday, September 9, 2013 | 11:14 AM

When you create and share content online, you want people to know you're the author— no matter how far that content may travel. Not only do you get the credit, you can also grow your audience over time. Today we're introducing two Google+ platform features that help authors do both — on Google, and across the web.

Author attribution

Starting today we’re integrating Google+ Sign-In with Google’s Authorship program. So if you connect your account with Google, for instance, the articles you publish will now be associated with your Google+ profile automatically.

With this association in place, we can look for ways to surface your info when it's most relevant. For example, today users may see your name, picture and/or a link to your Google+ profile when your content appears in Search, News and other Google products.

We’re piloting this integration with two major platforms today: WordPress and Typepad. We’re also working with a variety of other sites — including, WikiHow, and Examiner — so we can learn and expand the pilot to all kinds of sites and apps using Google+ Sign-In.

Embedded posts

In addition to sites like WordPress and Typepad, many of you (in fact, millions of you) are posting content on Google+. We want to make it easy to expand your audience across the web, so today we’re introducing embedded posts.

With embedded posts, site owners can now add your public Google+ posts to their web pages — as a primary source, for example, or to highlight your point of view. Text, photo and media posts are all supported, and the embeds are fully interactive, so visitors can +1, comment and follow you inline.

If you’re a site owner and you’d like to embed a post, simply find a public post on Google+, and select ‘Embed post’ from the drop-down menu. Copy the code, add it to your web page, and you’re all set! We've also worked with the following sites, so you can see embeds in action: Business Insider, Elle, Eurosport, Financial Times, LA Times, National Geographic,, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, People StyleWatch, TechCrunch, Thrillist, TV Guide, US Weekly, and The Verge.

To learn more about today’s announcements, feel free to check out our Help Center and developer documentation.


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