Google+ Sign-In: trends and case studies

Monday, August 26, 2013 | 9:58 AM

Back in February we added a new feature to the Google+ platform: application sign-in. Since then we've launched numerous improvements (like cross-device single sign-on, app activities in Google Search, and over-the-air Android install metrics), and we've seen more and more apps offer great experiences with Google+ Sign-In.

Developers continue to see positive results, so we've highlighted some overall trends and illustrative numbers below.

Google+ Sign-In boosts Android downloads
Developers have found that enabling over-the-air installs on their websites effectively drives Android downloads, leading to a more unified experience across desktop and mobile. On average, 40% of Android users accept the offer to install a website's mobile app, yet some apps like fitness tracker Fitbit has seen a 60% acceptance rate.

Users prefer Google+ Sign-In
Google+ Sign-In lets users sign in to apps with their existing Google credentials, including the sign-in protections they expect (like 2-step verification). Cloud platform provider JoliCloud has discovered that Google+ Sign-In is their most popular option on the web, with 48% of users choosing Google. Movie app Flixster has found that Google+ Sign-In is their most popular third-party option on the web (35%), and their most popular option on Android (45%). Google+Sign-In is also the most popular option on Android for music app Songza, with 40% of users signing in with Google.

Google+ Sign-In increases new user registrations
Adding the option to sign in with Google has advanced the rate of new user growth for many apps. Mobile shopping app Snapette has seen a 16% acceleration in registered users, and pixiv, one of Japan's most popular social networks, has seen a 21% increase in new user registrations. Integrating with Google has also led to a 25% reduction in bounce rate from pixiv’s new user registration page.

To learn more about Google+ Sign-In, check out our Google+ Developers site and view our Case Studies page.


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