Google+: Content Recommendations for your Mobile Website

Monday, May 13, 2013 | 6:34 AM

When you help someone find a great article on your site, you’re not only making them happier, you’re inspiring deeper engagement and loyalty. That's why today, we're bringing together elements of Google+ and Google Search to suggest the right content from your mobile website, at just the right time.

For example: Forbes visitors can now more easily discover other Forbes articles based on Search Authorship signals and other articles with lots of Google+ activity (including +1's and shares). In all cases, recommended content is based on the specific page the visitor is viewing, to boost the relevance of recommendations. And they only appear when people tap for more, so as not to interrupt their browsing experience. Here's how it works:

Recommendations can appear regardless whether your visitors are signed in to Google. But when they are, they'll see content that was +1'd or shared by the people in their circles:

We're also making it easy to add and configure these content recommendations. Just add a single line of javascript to your mobile website, and from there you can make changes in the "For your site" section of your Google+ page dashboard -- no web editor required.

To give today's features a try, feel free to visit any article page on Forbes on your favorite iOS or Android device. More details are also available in our developer docs:

Of course: we've got lots more planned for Google+ content recommendations, and Google+ Sign-In more generally, so we’re looking forward to having over 50 companies who have integrated Google+ Sign In share their stories (examples below) this week from Google I/O.
"Google+ Sign-In is the most popular social sign-in method on our Android application, measuring 41% of overall social sign-in users”
- Tom Grinstead, Product Manager, Guardian News 

"We're thrilled with the initial results of our Google+ Sign-In integration. Our analytics show tremendous sign-in conversion from Google, besting other popular social networks across web, Android and even iOS. Because of this success, we're considering removing other sign-in sources to give more prominence to this new growth channel."
- Haisoo Shin, Director of Engineering, Fancy

Google+ partners at Google I/O include: 

See them all here.


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